Who is TB&B LLC?
TB&B, LLC is a rather small nursery operation located in Woodburn,
Oregon, that specializes in hybridizing Hemerocallis (Daylily) varieties
and Iris varieties...and growing a few other selected "bread and
butter" varieties of perennials.  Originally based in Michigan, I've
been headquartered in Oregon since 2007.  
What I Do...
I grow, propagate, and offer for sale perennials and some woody
plants.  Some plants appearing on the Plant Index page are in
production now and appear in an availability listing elsewhere on this
site.  Additionally, I am working on hybridizing projects involving
Hemerocallis varieties, and projects involving Iris varieties...with the
goal of finding new and interesting cultivars.
What's New?
*HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Welcome to 2017!  I resolve to update this
website more frequently in 2017 than I have in years past.  Things for
us went relatively well in 2016.  Revenue was up over 2015, and more
of our business expenditures were funded by business income, rather
than my personal bank account...always a plus in my book.

Well, kind of.  It's winter, after all, and not much is blooming now, but
everything we grow is technically available, and if the ground isn't
frozen, perennials and shrubs/trees can be planted.  Hours for the
winter will be by appointment.  Feel free to visit us on Facebook or
visit the "Contact Us" page to let us know you'd like to stop by.

*Iris divisions began back in November.  Coupled with the divisions
was the process of planting out of several dozen of my hybrids into a
raised bed outside the greenhouse to evaluate how they handle the
elements.  This is intended to further select candidates for naming and
registering with the American Iris Society.

*Summer 2016 ran a little cooler than the summer months of 2015 did.  
This helped to prolong the Daylily bloom season.  Further challenges
by insects and mites kept rearing their ugly heads, so we didn't offer
any for sale.  All Daylilies are in need of division this winter, so we
plan to have lots available this summer.

*There will be more Iris varieties than ever available this
spring...Daylilies, true Lilies, and Dahlias too!  Stay tuned!

*There's a decent chance that we may be moving in the not-too-distant
future.  Any changes in product lines and where to find us will be
updated on the Facebook page in as close to real time as I can manage.

Thanks for looking in!  
I need to impress upon the reader that the photos and text found on this site are original works by
the owner of the site, and are the sole property of Theriault's Buds & Blooms, LLC.  No text or
image appearing herein is to be used in any form without the expressed permission of the owner.  
Copyright      2004-2017 by TB&B, LLC.  All rights reserved.
'Spiritual Corridor'
2011 Hemerocallis
Iris sibirica
'Baby Sister'
Iris 'Starship
Last update: 02 January, 2017
Aurora greenhouse, October 2010
Woodburn greenhouse, April 2014