Who is TB&B LLC?
TB&B, LLC is a small nursery operation located in Woodburn,
Oregon, that specializes in hybridizing Hemerocallis (Daylily) varieties
and Iris varieties...and growing a few other selected "bread and
butter" varieties of perennials.  Originally based in Michigan, I've
been headquartered in Oregon since 2007.  
What I Do...
I grow, propagate, and offer for sale perennials and some woody
plants.  I also breed Hemerocallis varieties, and Iris varieties...with the
goal of creating unique and interesting new cultivars.
What's New?
We will soon be relocating to the Salem-Keizer area.  Iris season has
quietly begun,
and we're having a sale to reduce the number of plants
we will have to move in a couple months
!  Check out the Facebook
page to get the low-down on the what, where, and when.

*The Iris page has been completely retooled and is now live.  
Originally featuring 33 bearded varieties, there are now 74 gorgeous
named bearded varieties listed.  A second page featuring beardless
types (Siberian, Japanese, Louisiana, etc) will be linked when I have it

*I'm experiencing some difficulty with bandwidth on the Iris info
pages, and only about half actually linked to the names on the "About
Iris" page.  I am trying to get to the bottom of it, but things are being
compounded by our selling our house and looking for another, so I
don't know yet when I will have things resolved here.

*Divisions of named varieties of Daylilies were completed back in
March, and the divisions are growing in nicely.  Due to the impending
move, the hybrids we produced won't be divided until later this
summer, after bloom.  Some might be offered for sale, should sufficient
quantities be available...but none have been named or registered with
the American Daylily Society.

Thanks for looking in!  
I need to impress upon the reader that the photos and text found on this site are original works by
the owner of the site, and are the sole property of Theriault's Buds & Blooms, LLC.  No text or
image appearing herein is to be used in any form without the expressed permission of the owner.  
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'Spiritual Corridor'
2011 Hemerocallis
Iris sibirica
'Baby Sister'
Iris 'Starship
Last update: 30 April, 2017
Woodburn greenhouse, April 2014