Who is TB&B LLC?
TB&B, LLC is a rather small nursery operation located in Woodburn,
Oregon, that specializes in hybridizing Hemerocallis (Daylily) varieties
and Iris varieties...and growing a few other selected "bread and
butter" varieties of perennials.  Originally based in Michigan, I've
been headquartered in Oregon since 2007.  
What I Do...
I grow, propagate, and offer for sale perennials and some woody
plants.  Some plants appearing on the Plant Index page are in
production now and appear in an availability listing elsewhere on this
site.  Additionally, I am working on hybridizing projects involving
Hemerocallis varieties, and projects involving Iris varieties...with the
goal of finding new and interesting cultivars.
What's New?
*Pssst!  Iris season's coming!  A few dwarf bearded varieties are
blooming already...and numerous tall bearded varieties are budding.  
Sales season will be a few weeks earlier than last year.

Since we're based in our own home, and we work full time jobs,
business hours are weekdays after 5:00pm, and by arrangement on
weekends.  We ask you to let us know you're coming because we have
small children.

*This will be the second year some of my 2011 Iris hybrids will have
bloomed, which will give me a better opportunity to evaluate them to
be sure they are unique enough to name and register with the
American Iris Society.

*Bloom season for Daylilies ran shorter than average in 2015.  They
endured roughly two full months of temperatures of 85 degrees or
higher (28 days of 90+) as of this writing, so what happened to the Iris
in 2013 hit the Daylilies instead in 2015.  We crushed records for most
days at 90 degrees or above in a calendar year.

*We were fortunate last spring to have had very strong Iris sales.  My
heartfelt thanks to all who ventured out our way to support my habit,
as it were...and score some pretty awesome deals!

*2015 was year two of bloom for about 200 Hemerocallis hybrids
developed in 2011 that I selected for color, form, or just general
uniqueness.  Limited availability starts this June.

*After roughly three years of playing second fiddle to all the Iris and
Daylilies, propagation was finally done on the true Lilies (Asiatic,
Oriental, and Tiger).  This season's availability is looking great!

Thanks for looking in!  
I need to impress upon the reader that the photos and text found on this site are original works by
the owner of the site, and are the sole property of Theriault's Buds & Blooms, LLC.  No text or
image appearing herein is to be used in any form without the expressed permission of the owner.  
Copyright       2004-2015 by TB&B, LLC.  All rights reserved.
'Spiritual Corridor'
2011 Hemerocallis
Iris sibirica
'Baby Sister'
Iris 'Starship
Last update: 07 April, 2016
Aurora greenhouse, October 2010
Woodburn greenhouse, April 2014