In 2010, everything we were growing for eventual propagation and sale was packed onto the balcony of
our second-floor apartment in Tigard.  In that location, we were lucky to get about 4 hours per day of
direct sunshine.  As one might imagine, close quarters coupled with comparatively shady conditions didn't
lend themselves as ideal for plant growth and fact the Irises didn't really bloom at all that year.

I inquired and eventually secured a lease from my employer at the time of a 15 x 80-foot cold frame.  
Everything was moved in, and looked really tiny in all that space.  By 2012, however, the house was
nearly full.  In August 2012, I learned that the nursery was liquidating and selling off property, so I needed
to remove the nearly 1500 plants I had there.  We had just moved to our Woodburn abode in June, and
our son was born in July.  In the midst of cleaning up and "personalizing" our new house, as well as caring
for a newborn, I was ferrying plants from the nursery to the house several days per week after work.

By the end of September, everything was at the house.  In October, a hedge of overgrown Arborvitae was
removed to make room for a greenhouse, measuring 20 x 40 feet.  A trifle smaller, yes, but ten and a half
feet high at the peak, rather than the six and a half feet the Aurora house stood...and the new structure
had six foot sidewalls, versus the four foot sidewalls of the one in Aurora.

We outgrew Woodburn, and in 2017, we moved south again to Keizer.  The greenhouse from Woodburn
was sold, since its dimensions didn't work within the configuration of the Keizer property.  All plants spent
from June 2017 until about January 2018 outside, while I built two new greenhouses to accommodate
everything that needed some sort of protection...namely bearded Iris and their distaste for excesses in

What follows is a photographic tour of sorts of the birth of the Woodburn and Keizer greenhouses.  
Photos are on them for their full size renditions.
The Aurora
greenhouse in
October 2010
The Aurora
greenhouse in
February 2012
The hole remaining
after the Arborvitae
hedge was hand
The 4 corners of the
greenhouse flagged
off 12.01.2012
Sidewall posts located
and driven into the
ground 12.03.2012
Hoops and base
boards added
End braces installed
Inside view under poly
from the south end
End wall framing
End walls fully framed
Flooring in and level
Doors built and
installed 01.27.2013
Site of Greenhouse 1
in Keizer, pre-build,
August, 2017
Delivery day, August,
Parts separated for
each greenhouse
August, 2017
Greenhouse 1 hoops
standing, September,
Batten and
baseboards and end
braces installed,
September, 2017
End walls framed,
September, 2017
Greenhouse 1
standing and covered,
October, 2017
Greenhouse 2 staked,
October, 2017
Greenhouse 2 posts
installed, October 2017
Hoops and end braces
in, October, 2017
End walls framed and
Lexan installed,
October, 2017
Greenhouse 2
standing and covered,
November, 2017