Who is TB&B LLC?
TB&B, LLC is a small nursery operation located in Keizer, Oregon,
that specializes in hybridizing Hemerocallis (Daylily) varieties and Iris
varieties...and growing a few other selected "bread and butter"
varieties of perennials.  Originally based in Michigan, we've been
headquartered in Oregon since 2007.  
What We Do...
We breed, grow, and propagate Iris and Hemerocallis (Daylily)
varieties for sale to home gardeners.  We also grow and sell a selection
of other herbaceous perennials and woody plants.
What's New?
*We are now located in Keizer, OR...a stone's throw from the Salem
city limits.  We're planning to sell at the Canby Farmer's Market this
spring and summer, as well as locally via Facebook and Craigslist.  
We're much easier to find now than we were in Woodburn, so sales
here at the new homestead will likely be a bit more frequent.

*Spring has arrived.  Daffodils have reached their peak, or are just
passing it, while flowering pears and cherries gear up...Hellebores are
passing their peak bloom, and Rhododendrons and Azaleas are just
entering their active period.

*Both of our new greenhouses are up and covered.  Irrigation is
complete in the larger house, and all named varieties of Iris have been
divided.  Our hybrids from 2011 are also inside the first house;
planting of hybrids outside for testing continues.  Hemerocallis
divisions are ongoing, hopefully to be followed by Dahlias for the first
time in about four years.

*Apologies for the issues many are likely experiencing with the Iris
page.  Internal checks have shown that only about half of the links
under the photos on the About Iris page are actually working.  
Bandwidth seems to have become a limiting factor, so a redesign will
be necessary in the near future.

*In early 2017, many of our Iris hybrids were planted out in beds at
the Woodburn house to facilitate evaluation of performance "in the
elements," only to be abandoned when we relocated.  The new Keizer
location has a more than suitable area for this purpose, so a number of
beds will be planted with a new crop of our "babies" that passed the
first rounds of testing, so to speak, and appear to have some traits that
might prove to be desirable.  Moving forward, a more conventional
approach will be adopted, in that seedlings will be planted in beds
shortly after germination, and those that show promise will be dug,
divided, and registered, thereby reducing the more labor intensive
(and space consuming) practice of growing in containers, only to dump
more than 80% of the resulting plants from each cross I make.
I need to impress upon the reader that the photos and text found on this site are original works by
the owner of the site, and are the sole property of Theriault's Buds & Blooms, LLC.  No text or
image appearing herein is to be used in any form without the expressed permission of the owner.  
Copyright      2004-2018 by TB&B, LLC.  All rights reserved.
'Spiritual Corridor'
2011 Hemerocallis
Iris sibirica
'Baby Sister'
Iris 'Starship
Last update: 03 April, 2018
Woodburn greenhouse, April 2014